Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
All the custom shoes provided from this website are one off customized shoes created and provided as ordered.
On purchasing any item from this website you agree that you are purchasing a one off customized product created to order. You agree that refunds and returns are approved or denied at the express discretion of XXCustoms and accept full liability for any loss. See our return policy for more information.

You also acknowledge upon purchasing from this website that you have checked the size charts for the brand of shoe you are purchasing and agree that you the buyer are wholly responsible for selecting the right size. If for any reason you purchase the incorrect size we will customize a pair in the correct size and exchange. This incorporates a minimum fee of $60 for cleaning and restocking.

warranty – satisfaction guarantee
XXCustom warrants that the workmanship and application of the paint and artwork has been done in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. We will repair defect in the artwork at our sole discretion for a period of 12 months where the product fails with reasonable use.

XXCustom may, at our discretion, undertake repair work even if we deem the damage has been caused by misadventure or neglect. We reserve the right to charge postage on the return of the repaired items in this instance.

Reasonable use constitutes the use of the shoes and other products as casual fashion wear and does not include trade use, extreme sports, negligence or abuse.

Reasonable use will be determined at our (XXCustom) sole discretion.

Should the product fail for any reason with reasonable use XXCustom will repair the artwork and cover the cost of postage.

Returns and refunds – satisfaction guarantee
Incorrect Size
The customer agrees that the customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the size ordered is correct and accepts full liability.

XXCustom will typically, at our discretion, replace shoes returned due to incorrect size and re-apply the customers artwork to the correct sized products. The customer agrees that a cleaning/re-stock fee of at least $60.00 will apply and the customer will be liable for postage costs.

Defects in the artwork will fall under our standard warranty terms above and will be repaired in accordance with those terms.

The customer agrees that the customer is commissioning XXCustom to supply artwork to items. You, the customer, acknowledge that you are fully liable for the cost of the Artwork and agree to pay for the product and waive your rights to refund in favor of rectification where required as this is a custom commissioned work.

XXCustom warrants that the artwork will be free of defects and completed in a professional manner.

Typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks*. Complex artwork, wait list and shoe ordering times will affect turnaround. An estimated time frame will be given, We will always do our best to complete the job within the estimated turnaround given, however, there is no guarantee as to how long a job will take.

XXCustom offers free standard delivery . Any additional shipping costs such as express or overnight postage charges will be billed to the customer at the time of purchase. XXCustom Kicks shall not be liable for any damages incurred during shipping.

Limitation of Liability
Once posted/collected from XXCustoms, the condition/whereabouts of the item is beyond our control and we will not take any responsibility for loss or damage.

We are not responsible for any change of mind after the paint/artwork is complete.

No item will be posted/handed over if full payment has not been received.

Any damage that occurs to the item due to the nature of its use will be the sole responsibility of the customer or manufacturer, XXCustom Kicks shall not at any time be held liable.

At XXCustoms, we guarantee the artwork that we provide. If there is a defect in your artwork, or you are unsatisfied with the artwork you receive, we’ll be more than happy to discuss with you how we can make it right.

We offer a one year warranty on our artwork and will repair any wear and tear that happens from normal wear within this time frame. Delivery costs will be at the cost of the customer.

Due to the nature of custom artwork, and the fact that a real, live, human artist with their own style and preferences hand paints each order, there will be differences to any reference pictures you have provided and there may be small imperfections that would not occur if you had the artwork printed with a machine.

We also may make changes as we see fit to improve the quality and appearance of your designs. After all, you are ordering custom artwork!

All goods are guaranteed in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.